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Welcome to the Robert Hunter Set List Archive. This is the most extensive collection of Robert Hunter set lists on the Web, if not anywhere. It has been assembled thanks to the interest and generosity of many individuals. The Archive grew out of my own Hunter tape collection and has since become what I hope is a valuable resource to tape collectors and music fans alike.

April 2012—A while back I uploaded these pages to my personal site after having them offline for several years. I made virtually no updates, but I figured it might still have value for the occasional Hunter fan who needed to check a date or a setlist. In the meantime, the rise of BitTorrent and live show trackers has brought a flood of new Hunter dates and more accurate information, all of which I carefully noted and stashed away for some future update. Until I can really dig in and sythesize all this information with the new stuff, keep in mind that almost anything circulating digitally is likely to have better/more correct information than what you'll find here. If you have corrections/additions, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail at It might take a while for me to put your info to use, but I am still archiving everything, and I will be trying to make corrections and updates more frequently.

If you're interested in acquiring some live Hunter, the internet has you covered. Hunter torrents appear regularly on the and Lossless Legs trackers, and from time to time on the Dime A Dozen site (login required for some of those links). Meanwhile, many of the other links on this site are dead, I haven't had a chance to check them all and/or correct the bad ones.